Conductive Copper

Copper has the highest conductivity of any non-precious metal. It also has excellent ductility, strength and resistance to corrosion – all of which make copper the material of choice for electrical conductive applications. The most common form of copper is high conductivity copper, which is widely available in high quality. This grade of copper is Electrolytic Tough Pitch (Cu-ETP), which has a 100% IACS. 

For specific applications, oxygen free copper (Cu-OF) is available which prevents embrittlement and material cracking. Additionally, if increased strength is required, alloying elements such as tin, magnesium, chromium and iron can be added in small quantities. These alloys increase the strength but reduce conductivity.


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High Conductivity Copper (Cu-ETP) & Oxygen Free Copper (Cu-OF)

  • High Conductivity Copper (Cu-ETP)

    Electrolytic Tough Pitch high conductivity copper is the standard grade of copper for electrical conductivity applications, with 100% IACS. A higher grade Cu-ETP1 is made from Grade A copper cathode.

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  • Oxygen Free Copper (Cu-OF)

    For special welding and brazing applications, an oxygen free copper is available with 102% IACS. This copper avoids embrittlement in a heated reducing environment as hydrogen reacts with the oxide in the metal to form steam and material cracking.

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