Aerospace Locking Wire

Locking wire (safety lock wire) is a soft annealed wire that is used extensively in the aerospace, marine and automotive industries to secure nuts, bolts and components which are subject to vibration and/or a critical environment.

We supply the wire on ½ or 1 kg spools, in handy ½ kg plastic tubs, or in coil. Standard sizes are available from stock, and non-standard sizes are produced on request.

Primary materials are stainless steel 304 and 316 and 321, Monel (Alloy 400), Inconel (Alloy 600) and Copper.

Materials are typically produced to the following international specifications:

  • DTD189A
  • MS20995C, QQ-W-423
  • MS20995NC, QQ-W-281
  • MS20995N, QQ-W-390
  • MS20995Cu, QQ-W-343F