Resistance Wire - Omega Resistance Wire

Knight Precision Wire manufacture resistance wire materials and products under the brand Omega Resistance Wire. We are a well-established and highly qualified manufacturer of electrical resistance wires and nickel alloy wires for applications demanding high quality, reliability and service. Our products are produced to the highest international standards, and we export worldwide to some of the world's most distinguished companies.

Major applications are heat treatment, control resistors, thermocouples, electrical heating elements and glass sealing applications.

We endeavour to meet every customer’s specific product requirements, and to this end have developed an extensive range of production equipment, which includes: wire drawing and annealing; wire rolling into tape or ribbon; shearing of coil into strip; straightening and cut-to-length; wire spooling and coiling; wire polishing and cleaning and wire rope stranding.

KPW stocks an exceptionally wide range of speciality wire, which combined with the company’s extensive processing capabilities ensure that we can reliably meet your wire requirement. Additionally, our technical and materials experience enable us to provide effective solutions to your wire problems.

Our extensive stock of quality materials enables us to offer custom solutions for trials or production with a minimum of lead time.

Resistance Wire Materials

KPW has a range of resistance wire materials including nickel and nickel alloys (nichrome, ICA)

Resistance Wire Services

KPW has a range of services to compliment our resistance wire materials and products


Electrical Resistance Wire & Tapes

Specialist properties such as electrical and oxidation resistance, strength and corrosion resistance

Flat Wire, Strip & Tape

Our precision rolling mills for produce quality flat wire and tape to tight tolerances and exact measurements.

Wire Rope, Strand & Bunches

We produce resistance strand to meet customers’ specific requirements of resistance or size

Hot Cutting Wire

Hot cutting wire cutting is used extensively in the packaging industry