Precision Wire

Our exceptionally wide range of speciality wires and processing capability ensure that we can reliably meet your wire requirements. Our extensive wire and materials experience and skill enable us to provide effective solutions to your difficult wire problems.

Our employees possess an enviable combination of many years wire processing experience and engineering and metallurgical technical expertise, which, allied to the company policy of continuous investment in quality processing equipment, ensures that the highest quality wire is produced to meet the most stringent of customers’ requirements.

Precision Wire Materials

KPW has a range of precision wire materials including stainless steel, carbon steel, nickel, copper

Precision Wire Services

KPW has a range of services to compliment our precision wire materials and products


Orthodontic & Medical Wire

Supplied on a range of spool sizes, coils or straight lengths, with the vast majority of products available from stock

Aerospace Locking Wire

Used extensively in the aerospace, marine and automotive industries

Flat Wire, Strip & Tape

Our precision rolling mills for produce quality flat wire and tape to tight tolerances and exact measurements.

Square & Shaped Wire

We produce square wire as well as half-round, hexagonal wire and elliptical cross-section wire.

Wire Rope, Strand & Bunches

We produce resistance strand to meet customers’ specific requirements of resistance or size

Braid Protection & Reinforcement

Produced for protection and reinforcement of hoses and cables to suit customers’ end applications