Stainless Steel Wire: Versatile, Affordable, Reliable

13th October 2020

There are a large number of metals available for various applications across the industrial, maritime, aerospace, medical, domestic and other sectors, but few as versatile and effective as stainless steel.

In particular, stainless steel, used as a wire or in its many other formats, brings an array of features and benefits that truly set it apart.

Stainless steel wire and cable offers the unique advantages of:

  • high tensile strength
  • good formability and malleability
  • excellent corrosion and oxidation resistance
  • affordability as compared to alternative metals
  • low maintenance
  • ability to conduct and dissipate heat

In application, these properties make stainless steel ideal for use in multiple applications as follows:

Electrical appliances

Across the domestic and commercial sector, stainless steel wire can be found in a number of appliances including springs, welds holding sheets together in ovens, dishwashers, washing machines and dryers, and wire mesh in dishwasher filters amongst other applications.

Food processing

In industrial food processing, stainless steel wire is used in many applications from including sorting screens, cutting and slicing processors, racks and trays, and conveyor sorting.

Further down the food chain, in shops, bakeries, delicatessens, restaurants and more, stainless steel wire is used in ovens, wire baskets, racks and trays, and cutters and slicers.

Medical applications

Stainless steel’s corrosive resistance make it a very hygienic substrate, with various thicknesses and grades in medical applications allowing for use in springs, guide wires, endoscopes, needles, catheters and surgical reinforcement.

In dentistry and orthodontics, stainless steel wire is an essential material for archwires, self-litigating brackets, springs and implants.

Automotive, aerospace and engineering

Stainless steel mesh, comprising of woven stainless steel wires, is widely used for head-resistance protective coverings in filters, mufflers, catalytic converters, demisters and separation engineering. It is also used in airbag systems to strengthen the bags themselves, and as reinforcement in hoses, windshield wipers and other areas that require cables.

It also has numerous applications as a locking mechanism for bolts, nuts, washers and rivets within the automotive, aerospace, marine and industrial sectors where strong, heat/cold, corrosion and vibration resistance are of paramount importance.

Thicker stainless steel cables are used to connect essential functions within aircraft including flaps, landing gear, tail rudder, hoists, springs and reinforcement of hoses.


One of the most common places to find stainless steel wire in application is in homes, and particularly in the kitchen. Stainless steel wires form the base of numerous implements such as sieves, mixers, strainers, slicers and cutters. In applications where heat or extreme conditions are involved such as oil fryers, oven grids and anti-splatter covers, stainless steel offers hygienic and heat-tolerant properties.

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Stainless Steel Wire: Versatile, Affordable, Reliable
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