Nichrome Wire: Versatile and Tough

10th December 2020

Nichrome wire, produced as an alloy mix consisting of nickel, chromium and occasionally iron is a highly versatile wire with multiple uses and applications across the industrial manufacturing sector as well as smaller, less intensive projects.

Primarily, Nichrome Wire brings heat resistant and corrosion resistant properties to the fore, with a high mechanical strength and creep strength under intense stress.

At an industrial-scale, Nichrome Wire is used laboratories, construction processes, manufacturing processes and specialized electronics, mainly as a heating element. Its uses extend to our everyday appliances such as heaters, ovens, toasters, hairdryers and more.

Many e-cigarettes and other vaporisers make use of Nichrome Wire, it makes an ideal remote igniter for use in mining and even fireworks, and can be used in labs to detect the presence of trace metals in flames.

At the micro-scale, Nichrome Wire is used by ceramic and glass sculptors and glassmakers as part of their firing kilns or as a support structure around which items can be created and fired.

Nichrome Wire comes in a range of types including:

Nichrome 20: features a moderate resistance to oxidation and can be used for refractory anchor bolts, element fasteners and terminals in electronic devices

Nichrome 30: with higher heat resistance, this type is ideal for heating cables and rope heaters in defrosting/de-icing elements, resistors, floor heaters, electric blankets and car seats.

Nichrome 40: heavier-duty heat resistance makes this type perfect for use in night-storage heaters, convection heaters, rheostats and defrosting cables for motor vehicles.

Nichrome 60: ideal for use in household appliances and utilities, this type performs well in moderate heat, high humidity environments within hot plates, grills, toasters, ovens and storage heaters. This can also be used in suspended coil devices such as hair dryers, fan heaters and hand dryers.

Nichrome 70: this type is specifically used in elements for industrial furnaces and is ideal for reducing atmospheres as it’s not subject to ‘green rot’.

Nichrome 80: the toughest of the Nichrome types, this alloy offers the longest life span at high-intensity usage because of excellent adhesion of its surface oxide, and is ideal for applications including water heaters, irons, plastic molding dies, soldering irons, metal-sheathed tubular elements and cartridge elements.

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Nichrome Wire: Versatile and Tough
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