Heat Treatment

Through our subsidiary, Omega Wire Ltd, we hold an extensive range of nichrome (nickel chromium) and cupro nickel feedstocks which are used to manufacture resistance wires and tapes to customers’ specific resistance requirements. Another specialisation is the production of stranded resistance wire for applications where high heat transfer, but a flexible wire, is required.

Primary products of heat treatment industry

Resistance Wire ImageResistance Wire

Our resistance wire is exported worldwide and is used by furnace constructors, packaging companies, thermal component manufacturers and heat treatment contractors – in fact any thermal environment where quality and reliability are valued.

Case Study 1 – Aircraft windscreen de-icer

Case Study 1 History ImageHistory

An OEM supplier to the military was developing a de-icing system for a prototype aerospace windscreen application. The de-icing system was required to meet a demanding service environment and design criteria were based on tensile strength and electrical resistance.

Our Solution

KPW reviewed the draft specifications and produced samples of resistance strand of varying materials and strand constructions for testing. The final specification was a 7 strand construction of fine nichrome resistance material, annealed and then drawn through a diamond die to meet the exact electrical resistance.

Case Study 2 – Temperature control of food vats

Case Study 2 History ImageHistory

A food producer had suffered a breakdown in the heating system of a food vat. Instead of replacing like for like wraparound elements, they wished to upgrade the heating capability to ensure a more even temperature control.

Our Solution

KPW analysed a sample of the existing wraparound element (which had failed) to determine the exact specification. From the new upgraded heating specification, KPW were able to propose a new heating element, provide samples and subsequently to manufacture the wire ready for the new installation.

Wire Stockists

Knight Precision Wire is part of Knight Group, a group of companies that specialise in the processing and supply of precision metals. Quality is of the utmost importance and Knight Precision Wire operates a vigorous quality management system.

People outside the wire industry may be unaware of the sheer number of wire variations out there. Wire is an essential commodity in numerous sectors and appears in many different forms. Sectors that KPW supply wire for include the Aerospace, Medical, Petrochemical, Industrial and Heat Treatment industries. For the aerospace sector, KPW have been approved as aerospace wire suppliers by Rolls Royce, British Aerospace and Westlands. Two of the primary products supplied to the aerospace industry are locking wire and aerospace cable. You can see case study examples of how the services provided by KPW have benefited the different sectors on the website.

Below is a list of the different wire products offered by KPW :

  • Stainless Steel
  • Carbon Steel
  • Nickel & Nickel Alloys
  • Copper & Copper Alloys
  • Special Wire Materials

Visit the stainless wire product page to see more information about the different stainless wires we produce. To see all of KPW's steel wires products then visit the products page.

In addition to providing wire products to many different companies and sectors, KPW also offer wire processing services. These services include :

  • Cut to Length Wire
  • Flat Wire
  • Square and Shaped Wire
  • Stranding and Bunching
  • Rewinding and Spooling
  • Polishing & Cleaning

To find out how KPW can help you with your special wire needs, send an enquiry using the form on the contact page.