Knight Precision Wire

KPW is a trusted manufacturer and stockist of precision wire for demanding applications where quality and service are essential. We operate to the highest quality standards and export worldwide to some of the world's most distinguished companies.

Our exceptionally wide range of speciality wires and processing capability ensure that we can reliably meet your wire requirements. Our extensive wire and materials experience and skill enable us to provide effective solutions to your difficult wire problems.

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Sector: Aerospace

KPW is certified to the Aerospace Standards BS EN ISO AS9100 and AS9120, enabling us to supply many aerospace OEM and 1st tier manufacturers, plus many aircraft maintenance facilities worldwide. We are approved by Rolls Royce, British Aerospace, Westland plus others.

Sector: Medical

KPW is a supplier to the medical device manufacturing market, in which precision stainless steels in Grades 304, 316 and 316LVM implant grade are the principal products. KPW specialises in highly polished wire, which can be supplied in cut lengths to exacting tolerances in length, straightness and surface finish.

Sector: Petrochemical

These speciality wire products are invariably manufactured to customers precise specifications, and are used to make springs, clips and other wireforms where the final application operates in extreme conditions such as heat or corrosive elements.

Sector: Industrial

KPW's extensive stocks of precision and speciality wires enable us to supply a very wide range of general engineering applications to manufacturers worldwide often on a JIT basis.

Sector: Heat Treatment

Through our subsidiary, Omega Wire Ltd, we hold an extensive range of nichrome (nickel chromium) and cupro nickel feedstocks which are used to manufacture resistance wires and tapes to customers' specific resistance requirements.

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Featured products Locking Wire

Soft annealed wire that is used extensively in the aerospace, marine and automotive industries.

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Wire types

Locking wire

Stainless steels and nickel alloys are the principal materials used for safety locking wires in the Aerospace, marine and automotive industries. Supplied to UK, USA and European specs.

Aircraft control cable

High specification aircraft control cable is stranded from aerospace quality hard stainless steel and galvanised high carbon spring steel fine wire.

Wire types

Stainless steels

Precision stainless steels in grades 304, 316, 316L and implant grade 316LVM are supplied in clean and highly polished condition for medical device manufacturers.

Orthodontic wire

Highly polished stainless steels in 302 and 316 grades are manufactured for orthodontic laboratories and hospitals in round, indented flat and flattened strand.

Wire types

Nickel alloys

High performance nickel alloys are produced to order and to specification for use in the manufacture of springs and clips for extreme conditions.

Stainless steels

A range of specialised stainless steels 316L and 321 which have increased corrosion resistance are used in both annealed and spring hard condition for component manufacture.

Wire types

Spring stainless steel

Spring hard stainless steels in 302 and 316 are manufactured, in round, flat or shapes for the manufacture of precision springs and clips.

Copper alloys

A wide range of copper alloys including specialist alloys such as beryllium copper are manufactured to specifications, particularly for springs and contacts.

Wire types


Nickel Chromium alloys provide the basis for the majority of electrical resistance wires used in heating applications up to 1150ºC.


Hecnum is a trademark of Omega Wire, a subsidiary of KPW. Hecnum is a Copper Nickel alloy used extensively for the manufacture of resistors.


Stainless Steel types

300 Series

The principal stainless steel due to its high strength and good formability. KPW stocks and manufactures the range of materials 302, 304, 316 and 321, in a variety of tempers.

17/7 PH

This precipitation hardening stainless steel is typically heat treated after forming to produce a material of exceptionally high strength.

Carbon Steel types

Spring steel

This is high carbon steel, characterised by its ability to harden significantly during cold working to produce wire forms of very high tensile strength.

Mild steel

A low carbon version. This material is both cheap and easily formed, but with low strength, so is used for undemanding applications.

Nickel and Nickel Alloys types

Performance nickel alloys

KPW manufactures a range of nickel alloys which exhibit very high strength and corrosion resistance at elevated temperatures.

Nickel alloy resistance wire

Nichrome and copper nickel are both manufactured for electrical resistance and general electrical applications.

Copper and Copper Alloys types

Phosphor bronze

A range of phosphor bronze alloys are manufactured, mainly in hard and spring hard condition for use in springs and electrical contacts.

Beryllium copper

A specialist alloy of copper, beryllium copper can be heat treated to achieve very high tensile strengths making it ideal for high performance electrical contacts and springs.

Special Materials


Stocked in a range of purities and alloys, titanium has exceptional strength and low weight, making it ideal for the aerospace industry.


The principal characteristic of aluminium is its very low density, and it is used in applications where low weight is the main criteria.


Cut to length wire

KPW has the most comprehensive range of cut to length machines in the UK. Particular specialisations are the straightening and cutting to length of very fine wire without compromise to surface finish, and the cutting to length of spring hard stainless steels.

Flat Wire

Five rolling mills enable KPW to produce a range of flat wire - from thin and narrow up to heavy section flat wires. Wires can be produced to high tolerance square corners using edging rolls, and a speciality is the production of high tensile flat wire for springs.

Square and Shaped Wire

Square, half round and other shapes are produced using rolls and turkshead units. Materials produced include mild steel, stainless steel, brass and phosphor bronze.

Stranding and Bunching

A range of tubular stranding machines enables KPW to produce strands in stainless steel, nickel alloys and copper alloys in a variety of sizes, strand constructions and tempers.

Rewinding and Spooling

KPW has a diverse range of wire handling equipment enabling the supply of wire in the format required by the customer - coils, formers or spools - and to the exact weight or length.

Polishing and Cleaning

KPW have developed a range of specialist wire cleaning processes - mechanical polishing, vibro polishing, vapour degreasing and in-line ultrasonic cleaning.


Latest NewsISO 9001 - AS9100 - AS9120

Knight Precision Wire operates a Quality Management System approved by BSI as compliant with the following Standards: ISO 9001-2008, AS9100 Rev C, AS9120 Rev A.

Wire Stockists

Knight Precision Wire is part of Knight Group, a group of companies that specialise in the processing and supply of precision metals. Quality is of the utmost importance and Knight Precision Wire operates a vigorous quality management system.

People outside the wire industry may be unaware of the sheer number of wire variations out there. Wire is an essential commodity in numerous sectors and appears in many different forms. Sectors that KPW supply wire for include the Aerospace, Medical, Petrochemical, Industrial and Heat Treatment industries. For the aerospace sector, KPW have been approved as aerospace wire suppliers by Rolls Royce, British Aerospace and Westlands. Two of the primary products supplied to the aerospace industry are locking wire and aerospace cable. You can see case study examples of how the services provided by KPW have benefited the different sectors on the website.

Below is a list of the different wire products offered by KPW :

  • Stainless Steel
  • Carbon Steel
  • Nickel & Nickel Alloys
  • Copper & Copper Alloys
  • Special Wire Materials

Visit the stainless wire product page to see more information about the different stainless wires we produce. To see all of KPW's steel wires products then visit the products page.

In addition to providing wire products to many different companies and sectors, KPW also offer wire processing services. These services include :

  • Cut to Length Wire
  • Flat Wire
  • Square and Shaped Wire
  • Stranding and Bunching
  • Rewinding and Spooling
  • Polishing & Cleaning

To find out how KPW can help you with your special wire needs, send an enquiry using the form on the contact page.